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    Hi! I'm a museum professional based in the US with experience in various aspects - exhibition planning, event planning, curating, donor relations, project management and more! I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts in History from SUNY Empire State College and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from Syracuse University. My experiences in museum spaces have allowed me to engage in activities that range from the role of an educator to the role of curator to the role of registrar. I have had the opportunity to serve as the Co-Manager of the Sue & Leon Genet Gallery at Syracuse University and as an Archives Assistant for the United States Olympic Committee. Currently, I serve as the Humanities/Digital Archivist at the Levi Watkins Learning Center at Alabama State University. I also serve on the Levi Watkins Learning Center Cultural Heritage Committee and the Steering Committee for the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture.


    MY GOAL:

    Bring creativity, passion and project management to all my endeavors.

  • Why I do what I do.


    My passion lies in curating exhibitions, but I find the entire exhibition process exciting. I am interested in all museum-based projects including galleries, libraries, and exhibit spaces. I was drawn to museum work through my love of history. It is my belief that history is what connects us all. No matter how much we may wish it, history cannot be erased or changed, only learned from. Exhibitions are a chance to delve deeper into a subject matter as museums offer a platform in which to engage individuals so that they may think critically about issues.

  • Education

    SUNY Empire State College

    B.A. Historical Studies '13

    Syracuse University

    M.A. Museum Studies '15

  • Skills

    Things I've picked up over the years


    Understanding the delicate balance between informative and entertaining is essential for all public speaking ventures. In the museum field this understanding is important because, as I have learned, the orator must capture the interests of the patrons quickly and maintain their interest to allow for another layer of appreciation to blossom


    Curation is a twofold process. I have practical knowledge of physical curation and this is where my passion lies. However, with my latest position, I am beginning to explore digital curation and can see the benefits of being able to create successful exhibitions in the virtual world.


    To engage an audience a museum must use the language that will reach its target audience. The voice of the exhibit text must speak to the patron and allow them to garner the information they chose. My approach to writing labels is this: make it count. Most museum visitors will not read the entirety of a text panel, therefore I believe that a text panel should be simple and straightforward, but with a hint of whichever style befits the exhibition's intended audience.


    "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

    -Antoine De Saint-Exupery


    The key to any successful museum venture is planning. I take the planning phase of any exhibit seriously and urge all those for whom I consult with to do the same. I am capable of assisting in all phases - content development, design, renderings, and use and acquisition rights.




    Adobe InDesign

    Adobe Photoshop


    Image Armada

  • Who I've worked with.

    Alabama State University

    Humanities Digital Archivist

    July 2016 - Current

    Full time

    United States Olympic Committee

    Archives Assistant

    January - May 2016

    Full Time



    Instructional Associate | Co-manager of the Sue & Leon Genet Gallery

    Aug 2014 - Dec 2014

    Part Time

    Dunedin Historical Museum


    Jan 2014-May 2014

    Part Time

    Point of Contact Gallery


    Jan 2014-May 2014

    Part Time

  • What I've done.


    A visual representation of my education, skills, and experience.

    visual cv

    My complete work and skills portfolio.

  • Professional Associations

    Alabama Emerging Museum Professionals Network


    The National Emerging Museum Professionals Network has chapters all over the country. I am the co-chair for the Alabama chapter. We offer a place for emerging museum professionals (EMPs) to ask questions, network, and receive professional development.

    Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts

    Board Member

    AIEA is a non-profit organization and our philosophy is that all children, not just the gifted and talented, benefit from an intensive study of the arts and are entitled to that opportunity. As a board member I work to enhance the organization's online presence as well as create the visual communications.

    Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Junior Executive Board

    Board President

    The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts founded a Junior Executive Board in 2011 to promote membership and to build awareness among young professionals in the River Region. Through this board I have been able to increase awareness of the museum and its activities in the African-American community within Montgomery.

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    Montgomery, AL
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